Timberline Student Ministries (TSM) is a place where students can talk about life, God, and life with God. Our goal is that Jesus would not just be a moment in their week, but a movement in their life. TSM is a place where 6th-12th graders can engage in meaningful teaching and build Jesus centered relationships with their peers and leaders.

Student ministry christmas event

Middle School Small Groups

Middle School Boys: Tuesdays @ 4- 5:30pm @ Windsor Lake (Boardwalk Park under the main pavilion)
Leaders: Grant Oswald (970-714-9351), Daniel Vasquez (970-978-5612), Tom Reynolds (970-978-2021)
Zoom: https://timberlinechurch.zoom.us/j/91537562721

Middle School Girls: Wednesdays @ 5- 6:30pm outside of Windsor Lake Coffee House
Leaders: Hannah Harrold (970-237-1218), Brittany Rhanes (910-728-8303), Bri Hicks (970-388-0938), Alex  Ramirez (970-373-6433)
Zoom: https://timberlinechurch.zoom.us/j/96340302045

High School Small Groups

High School Boys: Tuesdays @ 6- 7:30pm @ Timberline Windsor Farm
Leaders: Jake Harrold (719-661-2058), Rich Oswald (970-347-7749), Jay Wall (308-352-6608)
Zoom: https://timberlinechurch.zoom.us/j/95143813117

High School Girls: Thursdays @ 6pm @ Timberline Windsor Farm
Leaders: Hannah Harrold (970-237-1218) Payton Frantz (970-768-2300)
Zoom: https://timberlinechurch.zoom.us/j/848877340

Daily Devotionals

Click the pictures below for the daily video devotional- by your very own TSM leaders! See more by following TSM Windsor on Facebook and Instagram.


We know that life can be difficult. We also know that talking to someone about it can feel impossible. We want you to know that our TSM leaders are here to pray with you and walk with you through the tough stuff. God cares about you so much and He wants you to feel as known, loved and cared about. There are countless times in scripture where God reminds us how much He loves us even when we don’t love ourselves.

We’ve gathered together some local resources and hotlines to help you get the help that you need. You are worth helping.

Click here for more information.

Be a Student Ministry Leader

Our students are eager to have adults lead, encourage, and teach them! If you have a passion for serving students, we'd love to help you determine how your gifts can be used to impact their lives. Email Hannah at hannah@timberlinewindsor.org for more information.

Hannah Archer- youth group director

Hannah Harrold serves as our Student Ministry Director at Timberline Windsor. If you have any questions please email her at hannah@timberlinewindsor.org.