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We're a community of young adults (ages 23-35) seeking to pursue Jesus and serve people. We have single people and married people, young professionals and young and unprofessional people, people who have been walking with Jesus for as long as they remember and people who are checking out faith.


Fall Bible Study

The Christian Athiest by Craig Groschel

“The more I looked, the more I found Christian Atheists everywhere.” Craig Groeschel knows his subject all too well. After over a decade of successful ministry, he had to make a painful self-admission: although he believed in God, he was leading his church like God didn’t exist.

Groeschel’s personal journey toward a more authentic, God-honoring life is more relevant than ever. Christians and Christian Atheists everywhere will be nodding their heads as they are challenged to take their own honest moment and ask the question: am I putting my whole faith in God but still living as if everything was up to me?

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