Here at Timberline Windsor one of our core values is ‘Connection’. We facilitate strategic church
events as opportunities for people to connect and become part of the family.

Saturday Night Service

Saturday Night Service at TW starts January 11, 2020! We are so excited to be able to offer this new service time to our Windsor Community. If you are interested in volunteering for Saturday Night or Sunday morning services, please e-mail us at

UCOUNT Campaign

January is National Anti-Human Trafficking Month. Slavery is not just a horror of the past, today millions of men, women, and children suffer at the hands of traffickers. Help us take action as we work toward ending this crime against humanity. Join us on Sunday, January 27th for our annual spotlight weekend. Learn more at

Summit Classes

There is no better way for you to learn about the history, vision, and direction of TW than the two part Summit series. Our next Summit Classes will take place on Sunday, Jan 19th. For more information, click here.

Jackie Olsgard serves as our Events/Global Missions Director here at Timberline Windsor. If you'd like to host your event at Timberline or have any questions, please contact her at Timberline leaders may fill out the event- preparation form here.

Events Calendar