What Makes Church Stick?

What Makes Church Stick?

What makes church stick?

Pastors/Church Teams spend so many hours and so much effort on this question (and rightfully so). Is it the website? The sermons? The worship? The discipleship groups? The outreach? The carpet color (I really hope not)? What makes church stick?

Our staff and ministry leaders can (and are) striving to be as active and creative as possible in many different facets of relationship and ministry connections. We’re called and committed to this, and don’t take that lightly (so keep holding us to it!). And still, none of that can (or ever will) replace personal relationships as the primary point of discipleship.

That’s where EACH OF US come in – We aren’t merely ‘part of’ Timberline Windsor or ‘attending’ Timberline Windsor – We ARE Timberline Windsor. We’re little ‘Christs’ (Christians) spread and extended throughout our neighborhoods & workplaces, parks & grocery stores.

So when you/I invite friends over for dinner, watch weekend services together, talk about life and marriage and summer plans together, share a laugh together – You’re the living, breathing extension of the church.

I hope this is encouraging and reaching to your soul, that JESUS IN & THROUGH YOU IS WHAT MAKES CHURCH STICK. Keep that up! I’m here with, alongside, and for you. I’m honored to be your pastor and your friend!

Pastor John Mehl

John Mehl - Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor Church


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