What exactly am I putting my faith in?

What exactly am I putting my faith in?

I’m not sure if the message this past weekend has stuck with you like it has with me… Wrestling with the kind of faith that stands firm in KNOWING that God can move mountains and save us from the fires we are threatened by… BUT EVEN IF HE DOESN’T our faith and hope is still secure!

I’ve really been stuck by follow-up on this, thinking ‘Well if God doesn’t come through in the way I need/want him to, what exactly am I putting my faith in?’


The answer is that we are still putting our faith in the God that acts BEYOND just how/when I think he should. He is still faithful, he is still good, he is still with us, he is still for us!

What a great series we’re going through together in ‘Exile’! If you have missed a week, make sure to catch up by visiting our website: https://www.timberlinewindsor.org/watch

Love you, TW! Stand firm in your faith in him no matter what!

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