Weekend gathering opportunities at TW!

I have some great news to share with you – We are going to be able to offer gathering opportunities at our TW campus starting June 14th! I am thrilled!

The Church has always been ‘open’ – and we’ve strived to remain as connected as possible… and now we’re able to begin offering some additional in-person options to all of the other ways we can stay connected to one another.
(Obviously, as things change so quickly these days, all of this will be assuming it will be safe to proceed with these plans.)
We are going to have different options for you to consider:
  • We will continue to offer online services, and both welcome and encourage those that are more vulnerable or even just would prefer to stay home to continue to engage in our timberlinewindsor.online.church and Facebook services.
  • Many of you will continue to choose to engage in these ways, and we continue to be thankful for that. In fact, no matter what church engagement people choose in this time, please continue to extend kindness and grace towards one another!
  • On Sunday, June 14th we will add in-person services as options at our 8:30am and 10:00am services at our TW Campus (Saturday, 6.13, will remain online only). For other Timberline Campuses, please refer to the websites and social media.
  • As part of this initial-launch phase, for the first two weeks (6.13/14 & 6.20/21) we will engage in recorded worship and message (just as we’re all doing online) with me as your Live-on-stage MC, and our plan is to begin incorporating live worship by the end of this month.
  • We’ve also got some fun efforts towards Father’s Day in the works, Dads… Stay tuned!
  • We will follow the guidelines set by our state concerning maximum numbers, wearing masks, and physical distancing.
  • We will also be offering FM transmitted services in our parking lot during these weekend services for all who still want to be on-site but may not be comfortable coming inside the facility (or to use if services reach maximum capacity).
  • All services will be Family Services (as no childcare or student programming is able to be offered at these services).
  • Please continue to follow what TimberKids and Timberline Student Ministries continue to offer on their webpages and social media.
We’re going to approach this in phases and things will continue to evolve in offering safe gatherings. We may also offer more times for gathering on the weekend if needed. More specific information will be posted on our website and social media as soon as we work out all of the details.
Thank you for your patience and your prayers, especially as we make decisions as ‘one church, different campuses’ for each of our different communities! We fully trust that God will continue to guide us in wisdom as we take these next steps!


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