We Love Windsor

We Love Windsor

We want to connect with our community in new ways and we are taking new ground in our love for the people of Windsor (and surrounding communities), their interests and a desire to come alongside them in everyday life. Love leads the way to conversations and hearts, and who knows where God will take it from there!

But, specifically, we want to be extra bold about it and could use help spreading this love in social spaces and conversations at work, with neighbors, and everywhere we go. So we invite/encourage/ask (really anything that works…) you to help us lavish our love on the community like never before.

You may have already noticed the #WeLoveWindsor as an active part of our Facebook and Instagram message, and it will simply be that much stronger and clearer to our community as you, the people of the church, like and share and engage in this conversation with us. As a Windsor Campus, we are passionately committed to serving this community where God has placed us, and we are also blessed that this extends to the surrounding communities as well.

Couple of simple invitations to be involved in clearly and powerfully lavish love on our community:

  • Use #WeLoveWindsor (and can add other communities, #WeLoveSeverance, #WeLoveTimnath, #WeLoveGreeley…) to capture moments when you’re out in the community and/or with friends!
  • Tag @TimberlineWindsor to help us stay connected to this message, rally cry of love!

Finally, stay posted as there are more opportunities coming soon for us to express our love better and with deeper connection than ever before!

I love YOU, TW!!

Pastor John Mehl- Timberline Windsor

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