Volunteer Appreciation | NOCO Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation | NOCO Volunteers

There are SO MANY of you that are regularly and remarkably giving of yourself to serve and support others! Your faith is being lived out as the hands and feet of Jesus!

Two of my friends in particular, Mary Jane and Barry, continue to give great amounts of time and energy especially towards those in need during this holiday season. As volunteer leaders of our Adopt-A-Family partnership with 5 other local churches, over 100 families are being served this week and many more lives are being reached with the warmth and the love of Jesus. (As if that were not enough for them, these two were also very active in helping out for our other big event, the Christmas Festival at the Farm!)

These two exude the sort of ‘addiction to serving’ that we absolutely adore here at Timberline! The more people get involved in serving, particularly when in their ‘sweet-spot’ of service, the more they feel like they want to do more and more and more… That’s a key to our intention at TW, and if we can help you find your ‘sweet-spot’ in serving others, please just let us know.

Thank you, Mary Jane and Barry, for being such a light in our community! Thank you, Timberline Windsor, for having so many stories and examples of Jesus-centered service! He is glorified as we model and follow him!

-Pastor John Mehl, Timberline Windsor

Pastor John Mehl

John Mehl - Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor Church


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