…to reach someone not (yet) following Jesus

…to reach someone not (yet) following Jesus

This Friday we are putting together a Good Friday Service where we celebrate and proclaim the most ultimate good news there is! There’s a couple of important things I want to share with you:

  • This message – in fact this whole service – is prayerfully intended to reach someone not (yet) following Jesus! It’s been something God has put on my heart, and I would love it if you could help and consider sharing this (on social media or maybe with someone directly). My prayer has been that amidst everything going on, that even a single person would respond to accept the most ultimate good news of who Jesus is and what he has done!
  • We’ll be facilitating communion together at the end of the message, so grab some bread and a cup to participate in this beautiful ordinance of the Church together.
  • We’ll be livestreaming at 6:30pm at https://www.timberlinewindsor.org/live-streaming-services/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TimberlineWindsor/ and then available on our website and Facebook after that.
  • I am blessed to be working alongside Pastor Dary for this weekend’s Timberline Church Easter Services (joining together as one church, different campuses), so of course be on the lookout for that (at the same video locations as above).


I love you, TW! May Jesus bless you and move powerfully IN & THROUGH you!

Pastor John Mehl

John Mehl - Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor Church


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