Stick With It Students

Stick With It Students

My husband, Jake, and I bought an Xbox. To be honest, it felt like a weird purchase- we’re in our 20’s with no children, why would we get one now if we didn’t have one before? Well, a week ago, Jake was calling some of the High School boys he’s in touch with and asked what they had been up to during this period of quarantine and they all responded with a unanimous answer, “videogames”. An hour later, we were in our living room setting up the newly purchased Xbox and downloading all of the games that students play.

What a crazy time this is! I never would have thought that an Xbox could aid in ministry as much as it has. I never would have thought that social media could spread the gospel as much as it has. I never would have thought that live streaming a church service could bring so many people together in fellowship. But all of these things go to show that God has no limits. He truly is all powerful.

Students, as you face this time of cancelled events, time lost with friends, online school, and so much uncertainty; I encourage you to cling to the promise that God is all powerful and He is always moving. Press into God during this time, cling to the promises of His word, and strengthen your relationship with Him. May this time of quarantine be the period you look back on and are able to say, “That’s when my relationship with Christ came alive”. You are so, so loved and are being prayed over every day!

5 weeks of quarantine. 5 weeks since our last worship service at Timberline Windsor and 5 weeks since our last Windsor Timberline Student Ministries (TSM) gathering. We miss you guys! We miss the sound of everyone singing together on a Sunday morning, gathering and catching up in the Great Hall, and the energy of students running around the building on a Sunday night. What a joy it will be once we’re able to do these things again, but until then, let’s continue to be resilient in finding creative ways to join in fellowship with one another and rest in knowing that God has no limits.


Hannah Archer- youth group director

Hannah Harrold - Student Ministry Director at Timberline Windsor Church

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