One Day to Feed the World | Timberline Church Missions

One Day to Feed the World | Timberline Church Missions

There are many opportunities that we try and equip you, the church with throughout the year. Opportunities to pray, give and go. Opportunities to impact our world locally, nationally and globally. This is another opportunity where you are able to give a day of your wages to impact the Kingdom in every way listed above.

For 11 years Timberline Church has partnered with Convoy of Hope for One Day to Feed the World. Convoy of Hope is an organization that cares for people in their times of deepest need. Internationally they provide food and other basic necessities for communities in need. They are also there in times of natural disasters to care for local communities after they are impacted by these storms.

Nationally and Locally we have seen and felt the impact first hand of Convoy’s efforts. Timberline hosted Convoy during the fires and floods we had several years ago. We have also partnered with them in Rockport, TX after Hurricane Harvey. As a partner, they provide an opportunity for us to be on the front lines of disasters that happen around the globe.

By taking part in One Day, you’ll help us provide healthy living through nutritious food, clean and safe drinking water and much more. Please join Timberline this coming weekend and prayerfully consider joining Convoy of Hope caring for those in need Locally, Nationally and Globally.


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