Get Connected to Timberline | NOCO Church

Get Connected to Timberline | NOCO Church

Get connected to Summit Classes

As the (somewhat cliché) subject-line says, these classes can be beneficial for both those new to Timberline and also those that could benefit from unpacking our church’s identity and values, as well as your own!

Mark your calendars – Sunday, Nov.10th, Summit Classes (Summit 1 beginning at 4pm, followed by a brief dinner, and Summit 2 beginning at 6pm – Childcare available)

You may already be aware of these classes (or may even have already attended), but Summit 1 continues to prove to be a great opportunity for those new and also well-engaged at Timberline to discuss ‘Who we are’.

Then, if you can stay for Summit 2 (or have not yet attended or would like a refresher), this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ‘Who you are’ and receive tools and teachings about what living powerfully from that understanding can look like.

… And because I/we are never above bribery, if you complete both classes (or have attended Summit 1 but not yet Summit 2 and do so), there’s a pretty sweet new item of celebrating your participation that you’ll get to show off to others!

Love you, TW!

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