Get to know Timberline Windsor Church | Windsor, Colorado

Get to know Timberline Windsor Church | Windsor, Colorado

Get connected to Summit Classes

One of the things we regularly offer that always proves to be very impactful and yet often flies ‘under the radar’ is Summit Class. (Maybe because it’s called a ‘class’…?)

Summit is where we get to unpack who we are as a church, why we do what we do (like Pastor Dary keyed on in his sermon 2 weeks back), and what our plan is for the people of this church family.

We certainly welcome those new to the church, but Summit has also proven very valuable for those that have been around for a while but never took the opportunity to attend.


Then, after a pizza dinner and some time to chat, we pick up Summit 2 where we have a great opportunity to focus in on a top priority of Timberline in ‘equipping the people for the work of the ministry’. We spend time talking about how people are wired, what the Bible teaches us about our gifts and how to use them, and help release people to their unique purpose.

Maybe you’ve heard this before – Maybe Summit has flown ‘under the radar’ in your church involvement. I would love for you to join us this Sunday and watch how God will bless this time!

Summit 1 – 4:00-5:30 (childcare provided)

Dinner – 5:30-6:00 (dinner provided)

Summit 2 – 6:00-7:15 (childcare provided)

Hope to see you then! Love you, TW!

John Mehl

Pastor John Mehl

John Mehl - Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor Church

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