Beyond Me- Orphan Care Weekend | Church Missions

Beyond Me- Orphan Care Weekend | Church Missions

This weekend we will be celebrating Orphan Care Weekend.

Every year at this time, we pause and take a moment to talk about the Father’s heart for the fatherless. When we read Scripture we see a family structure that God set up, sort of an ideal for us all. We know that the ideal is not what has continued. We have seen famine and disease and the results of earthly struggle and how we have strayed from the heart of God. This can be seen in the struggles children face in our community.

Right now in Weld County we have 350 families that are in foster care or kinship care with over 500 kids that don’t have permanent homes.

Now, this is not an email that hopes to guilt you into taking children into your home. Please, sincerely know that.

Also, our hope for this upcoming weekend is that you would know what the Lord’s view on this is and that God has a plan for you in this arena. That doesn’t mean that His plan is for everyone in our church to open their homes to children in the Foster Care System. However, we have families that are in need of something and we believe that God has wired each person to do something. This weekend we will talk about ways to engage and how God has equipped you to serve the church and to serve kids that come from tough places.

In continuation of our theme in Missions for the year, we will be discussing what it looks like to live beyond yourselves. Our prayer for the weekend is that each one of you would come prepared to answer the question, "How has God prepared me to live 'Beyond Me'?"

Thank you Church! Looking forward to this weekend!

Pastor Nate Taverner

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