Appreciating our Veterans | Northern Colorado

Appreciating our Veterans | Northern Colorado

As we approach Veteran’s Day, it is important that we take some time and acknowledge and appreciate those who have served in our country’s Armed Forces. People from all kinds of walks of life, stepping in to defend our liberties and putting their own lives on the line. I am truly thankful!

Those I personally know that have served will often talk about the bonds and the belonging that they experienced through their service. It reminds me that while we are never promised safety or ease in life, we are still able to access surpassing strength through all trials in love and fellowship.

If you are a veteran, from my heart and on behalf of our Timberline Windsor family, we sincerely thank you! If you know someone around you that has served, please make sure to take some time over the next few days and thank them.

Pastor John Mehl- Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor

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