A personally terrifying thought | From Pastor John Mehl

A personally terrifying thought | From Pastor John Mehl

A personally terrifying thought | Pastor John Mehl- Timberline Windsor Church

My daughter, Kendall, is less than 2 years away from Middle School. That is a personally terrifying thought! Where is the time going?

As a parent, one of the things this makes me ask is ‘How is the church supporting the students and families around this age?’ The answer comes from the absolutely wonderful student ministry we have (Timberline Student Ministry, a.k.a. ‘TSM’), led by Hannah Harrold and her power-team of leaders.

I have to share one particular point of pride I ran into this past weekend regarding TSM: I know that in both Middle School and High School TSM facilitates a month-long ‘Relationships’ series where they dive into what God says about relationships, dating, sexuality, and love all in age-appropriate ways. On Sunday I was looking over the Family Resource area and read the letter and resources Hannah has for parents as they enter this very frightening and also very relevant issue (Sarah, include link to MS/HS resources?). I found myself beaming with pride as I considered the way TSM is engaging students and parents (church-families and non-church families) in such a real and resourceful way! In just a few years when I’m there with my daughter, and not long after that with my son, I have great confidence that TSM will be there alongside my kids and supporting K and I as parents!

Thank you, Hannah and all of TSM! Timberline loves you and is SO THANKFUL for your ministry!

Pastor John Mehl

John Mehl - Campus Pastor at Timberline Windsor Church


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