Block Party

Block Party

When people drive by or have a first impression of a church, is fun and warmth among the first things they think?

We hope so, and that’s why this weekend’s Block Party (9:30-1pm) is an extension of our message that ‘We Love Windsor!’. If the people of our community initially hear or experience nothing else from TW, we want it to be a message of love, warmth, and fun. As we’re studying in our ‘Like A Child’ sermon series, this is in many ways nearer to the heart of God and life of his church than we may have realized.

As you have (hopefully) already heard, we’re pulling out all kinds of fun and games along with good eats to make the whole event a blast for you and your friends – So bring ‘em!

On the heals of Pastor Dary’s sermon this last weekend, let’s ‘imagine’ how Jesus can draw, engage, and transform the lives of kids, students, and adults throughout this community through events like this. We’ve heard similar stories from Christmas and Easter at the Farm, so why not imagine the Block Party being the opportunity people took that was just the beginning of Jesus’s massive movement in their life?!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’ve got shaking excitement just flowing through me even as I write this (it’s not just too much coffee…).

Love you, TW! Can’t wait to party with you!

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