Summer to Connect!

Join us in making this Summer the SUMMER TO CONNECT. Connect with God, Others and your Family Summer is a God-given time for connecting and building relationships. The days get longer & warmer, neighbors come out of winter hibernation, we may take vacations, and those kids are home from school! We've created a resource to help your family accomplish this challenge: The Summer to Connect Family Challenge! Stop by the Family Resource Center in the Great Hall to grab your copy today!

Empowering parents and strengthening families

At Timberline our church desires to grow spiritually healthy families by educating, equipping and empowering parents in their role as their primary influencers of their kids faith.

We recognize that God's design for passing on faith is through the family our philosophy is based on 3 principles:

  1. Parents are the primary nurturers of faith
  2. The church plays a supportive role
  3. The Holy Spirit causes change and transformation

God has something big in mind for this generation and you get to lead the charge in your home.
You can do it...we can help!

We look forward to joining you in raising a generation that changes the world for God.


Family Resources Table
- Stop by this table in our Great Hall to collect ready to use activities for your family. Resources updated regularly and are all free.

Book Recommendations
- Addicted to Busy by Brady Boyd
- Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony
- Sticky Faith by Kara Powell & Chap Clark
- The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
- Praying Circles Around Your Family by Mark Batterson
- The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis
- Parenting is Heart Work by Turansky and Miller
- Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze

Great Websites
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Family Ministry Coordinator

Linda Motter serves as our Family Ministry Coordinator where she’s blessed to share her passion to strengthen families and empower parents. She enjoys finding effective ways to journey alongside families and finding ways to educate, equip and support parents. Prior to stepping into Family Ministry, Linda spent 9 years teaching elementary students and then began her career as an Elementary School Counselor after completing her Masters degree at the University of Northern Colorado. God has uniquely gifted her with a passion for speaking, teaching, and consulting in any area related to children and parenting. She has been married to Tim for 10 years and is delighted to be the Mom of Rylee (9), Chloe (7) and Kona the 6 month old puppy! The Motter family resides in Windsor, CO.